Booking Rules - CERN Hotel Terms and Conditions of Reservation

Dear Guests,

Following the recent evolution of Covid-19 in the host States, CERN is now entering stage 3 and will be implementing further measures in the coming days; we strongly advise to consult the official CERN page, for information, on the following link:

Stage 3 foresees that activities on-site will be limited to those essential for the safety and security of the site and equipment.

Consequently, as of Monday 16/03/2020, reservations at the hotel on the CERN site are limited for an undefinite period.If your activity is essential for CERN, Derogations requests needs to be sent to the EP Department Head, in case of users, and to SMB Department Head in all other cases. Please contact your hierarchy who will forward your request.

However, it is still possible to book at Residence Schumann.

We thank you very much for your understanding.

Best regards,

Cern Housing Service

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