Booking Rules

The CERN hotel located on the CERN site in Switzerland is not open to the general public. Access is restricted to certain categories of people, connected to the official activities of the Organization.

The hotel Reception staff cannot offer a reservation before clarifying the reason for the stay as they need to check that the enquiry emanates from a person entitled to use the CERN hotel facilities. See How to book a room in the CERN hotel.

IMPORTANT: All persons entering the CERN site must be in possession of a card issued by CERN certifying that they are authorised to do so. Access cards are issued by the Registration service and Access Control Service in Building 55 or Building 33. CERN guarantors may apply for a limited-duration visitor's card on behalf of another person by sending an e-mail to the following address: or creating a request through the Service Portal: Request for a CERN visitors card.


1. Who is entitled to stay at the CERN hotel ?

  • Everybody who comes to CERN from a university, national laboratory or institute  and is collaborating with a project or experiment at CERN.
  • Staff (STAFF), Fellows (FELL), Apprentices (APPR), Technical Students (TECH), Administrative Students (ADMI),  Doctoral Students (DOCT), Trainees (TRN): at the very beginning of their contract, while they look for longer-term accommodation.
  • Summer students (SUMM): list of summer students provided by HR Department to the Hotel reception
  • Members of CERN personnel with Associate Status (MPAs: USER, COAS, PJAS, SASS, CASS, VISC, GPRO).
  • Candidates invited to Selection Boards. Arrival has to be confirmed by HR Department (the booking of a room for the candidates invited to a selection board by HR is under the responsibility of the travel agency on CERN site, Carlson Wagonlit Travel , who receives from HR the authorization of travel arrangements when a selection board is organised.)
  • Delegates/ members of CERN governing bodies.
  • Persons holding official positions not requiring permanent presence at CERN
  • Participants in other official CERN committees
  • Participants in collaboration meetings
  • Organisers of and participants in scientific events
  • Personnel of scientific institutes
  • Official guests at conferences and other events held at CERN or organised by CERN
  • Teachers and students in higher education
  • School groups visiting CERN (minimum age 15 years) registered by the Visits Service. The teacher is responsible of the group and has to stay at the CERN Hotel. One teacher is required per 10 students.
  • Individual trainees with status STAG (no groups) between 16 and 18 years, under specific conditions.
  • All other official visitors, provided that a written request is received from either the person in charge of the Visits Service or the person responsible for VIP visits


  • If not otherwise stated, minimum age for any person to be accepted at the CERN Hotel is 18 years.
  • Persons with USER status, who are present on the CERN site during the entire stay of their invited collaborator, are accepted as guarantors for individual reservations.
Reservation type / category Maximum advance reservation limit1 Maximum duration for one single stay Maximum duration of stay, within 6 consecutive monhts Maximum number of beds per visitor Acceptance criteria Building
Individual reservations 12 Months 90 days 90 days 1 or 2 -- 38, 39, 41
Summer students 12 Months 90 days 90 days 1 Block booking made by HR and DG Departments Preferably 38
Exceptionally 39, 41

Staff and Fellows2

12 Months 60 days -- 1 or 2 Concerned Department 38, 39, 41
Students (other than summer students) 60 days 60 days 60 days 1 Request from CERN University's responsible 38, 39, 41
Selection board candidates 60 days 1 to 2 days -- 1 List from HR Department 38, 39, 41
Delegates/Members of CERN governing bodies 12 months 60 days 60 days 1 or 2 Via the Council Secretariat 39
Visitors 60 days From the day before to the
day after the visit
-- 1 or 2 Nominative list provided by the organiser 38, 39, 41
School groups (official visits) 90 days
No bookings accepted in June, July, August and September
-- 3 days 65
Registered by the Visits Service
Nominative list provided by the school 15 days before
Preferably 38
Exceptionally 39, 41
Individual STAG 90 days 2 weeks5 -- 1
  • Copy of liability insurance
  • Written parental agreement
  • CERN supervisor shall be the on-site guarantor and shall sign the Code of Conduct in person with the trainee.
Preferably 38
Exceptionally 39, 41
Experiment weeks4 / workshops4 / conferences4/ VIP visits 12 months From the day before to the day after the conference 60 days 25%3 Nominative list to be provided by the secretariat one month before.
 Budget code needed as guarantee.
38, 39, 41

1  For example, if expressed as 12 months, then booking cannot be accepted more than 12 months in advance.

2  Only at beginning of contract.

3  A second group can be accepted on the condition that at the moment of the booking the remaining free capacity of the hotel, for the period, is higher than 25% after considering the booking.

4  Officially organised by CERN



2. Who is NOT entitled to stay at the CERN hotel ?

  • Permanent CERN Staff Members
  • Retired CERN personnel
  • Members of Staff Association clubs, etc.
  • Members of charitable organisations
  • Organisers of and participants in non-scientific events
  • Organisers and representatives involved in on or off-site exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.
  • Consultants
  • Children under 15 even if accompanied by an adult
  • Persons with pets
  • School groups without accompanying teaching staff
  • Teachers, trainers, etc from private institutes under contract to CERN or not
  • Anyone visiting CERN personnel or members of companies under contract to CERN or working on the CERN sites in whatever capacity, whether for professional or private reasons
  • All other categories of visitors for whom no written request is forthcoming from either the person in charge of the Visits Service or the person responsible for VIP visitors
  • People coming from a university, institute or national laboratory from the local area.

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