More information about the CERN Hotel

1. Access to the CERN wifi

You can register your laptop or mobile device and connect to the CERN network on a temporary basis for up to four weeks.

Registering the computer and all network interfaces you intend to use (e.g., Ethernet, wire-less) is mandatory at CERN. Only registered computers will get network access.


You complete the Web form at  Visitor Computer registration


Your CERN contact person receives the request for approval.

Note: by approving the request, your CERN contact person assumes responsibility for you to follow CERN's computer security rules.

CERN reserves the right to reject  registration requests.


You receive confirmation that your CERN contact person has (dis)/approved the request.

Make sure that up-to-date antivirus software with live updates and applicable security patches are installed on your computer.

To prevent virus propagation, network access will be blocked for computers found infected or vulnerable.

More information on the IT department websiteProcedure in pdf format


2. Laundry service

To offer to our guest a more pleasant stay a laundry service is available.

  • Located in the basements of the buildings 38, 39 and 41.

We remain at your disposal for more information regarding this service at the hotel reception during our opening hours.

3. Sheets and Towels

Sheets are changed every six days, and towels every three days.

4. Welcome Amenities

You will find welcome amenities in your room upon arrival. These are also available for purchase at the reception in building 39, should you wish more.

5. Delivery of luggage lost by air company

In case the air company loses your luggage, you may have it delivered to the CERN Hotel, on the condition of either informing reception immediately upon arrival, or sending an email to, indicating that you are expecting luggage to be delivered from the airport.

6. CERN support structures during your short stay

You will find information about available support structures during your stay at CERN in the following flyer:

7. How to make phone calls in the local area

  • If calling from CERN, dial
for France 10 04 50 followed by 6-digit number
for Geneva 0 022 followed by 7-digit number
for Vaud 0 021 followed by 7-digit number


  • If calling from Geneva, dial
for France 00 33   followed by last 9-digit number
for Geneva 022   followed by 7-digit number
for Vaud 021   followed by 7-digit number


  • If calling from France, dial
for Geneva 00 41 22 followed by 7-digit number


  • If calling from outside France and Switzerland, dial
for France 00 33   followed by 9-digit number
for Geneva 00 41 22 followed by 7-digit number
for Vaud 00 41 21 followed by 7-digit number


7. A room for breastfeeding

A quiet and clean room is now available, at the CERN Hostel, for mothers who would like to breastfeed or express breast milk (bldg. 39). For any request, please contact the CERN Hostel Reception (by email or by phone 74481).

A fridge is available in the same room as well as a water dispenser and a separator panel.

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