Car sharing



The CERN car-sharing scheme provides CERN vehicles on a self-service basis. A pool of 35 vehicles are available for pickup from 15 locations around the Meyrin and Prévessin sites and the point 2.

  • List of pick-up locations:



LHC Experimental points

building 4 building 864 building 2285 P2
building 29 building 866  
building 30 building 874  
building 36 building 892  
building 40    
building 54    
building 57    
building 124    
building 513    
building 6167    


The vehicles are available to members of the CERN personnel and contractors' personnel, in the framework of their professional activities at CERN only:

  • from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. for a maximum continuous period of 4 hours
  • from 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. for a maximum continuous period of 14 hours.

All car-sharing vehicles must be returned on time to their original pick-up location at the end of the reservation.

The use for personal purposes, such as travel between home and work, is strictly prohibited.

In the case of repetitive misuse (abusive reservation times, private use, no shows etc...), CERN reserves the right to revoke the Mobility card, therefore refusing the possibilty of using the service.


The car-sharing service is open to members of the CERN personnel and contractors' personnel under the conditions laid down below.


2.1 General conditions

Use of the CERN car-sharing service is subject to the following general conditions:

  • Use of vehicles belonging to or rented by CERN is governed by Operational Circular No. 4 and by reference to document DSU-OF/DO/RH/6833;
  • In all cases, use of the service requires authorisation by the Department head or team leader concerned ("permis V" – authorisation to drive a CERN vehicle – plus a mission order if the vehicle is to be driven outside the authorised perimeter).

As indicated in Operational Circular No. 4, anyone driving a CERN car outside the authorised perimeter must be in possession of a mission order (annual or occasional).


Anyone driving a CERN vehicle must be able to present the following documents at any time :

  • CERN card;
  • valid national driving licence;
  • the vehicle documents (registration document, etc.);
  • valid travel documents (national passport or other travel document recognized in Switzerland and France) with the necessary visas, where required;
  • legitimation documents issued by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the CERN Attestation issued by the Users' Office or the Human Resources Department.

In addition, the vehicle must carry a European Road Accident Report form.


2.2. Special conditions

To be able to use the service, members of the CERN personnel and contractors' personnel must also:

  • be a member of the CERN personnel or a member of the personnel of a contractor authorised by CERN to use the Service ("contractors' personnel");
  • possess an e-mail address registered in the CERN database;
  • possess an RFID access card, which can be obtained from the CERN Car Pool on presentation of a valid CERN access card. 


2.3 Conditions of Use

Car-sharing Conditions of Use



3.1 Obtaining and using an RFID card

An RFID access card can be obtained from the CERN Mobility centre (Globe parking, building 6167) on presentation of a valid CERN access card.

A Mobility login with 6 numbers and a NIP code will be sent to the member of personnel by e-mail.

RFID access cards and the associated PIN codes are strictly personal and non-transferable. Cards may not be lent, rented or otherwise transferred to another person.

Members of personnel are given a copy of the conditions of use when they collect their card from the Mobility centre (Globe parking, building 6167), and a user guide will be included in the e-mail they will receive to confirm their registration.

3.2 Booking a vehicle

It is possible to book a vehicle via one of the Mobility bookings channels:

App "Mobility car"

Client Portal Mobility

Mobility 24/7 Service center

0848 824 812 from Switzerland
Download App for Android   +41 848 824 812 from abroad
Download App for iPhone    


Bookings can be modified or cancelled right up until the planned start time through the same applications or on the vehicle's on-board computer.

A confirmation will be sent to the requestor by e-mail (e-mail defined in the profil e-services).

Note that the on-board computer can only be used when the engine is switched off.


3.3 Changing a booking

It is possible to shorten or advance a booking using the on-board computer in the car.

Bookings cannot be modified after the planned start time.

3.4 Cancelling a booking

Modifications and cancellations of bookings can be made by all booking channels (application, Internet, telephone). It is always possible to cancel a current booking through the on-board computer.


3.5 While using a car from the pool

An e-mail is sent to the user confirming the booking and indicating the registration number of the car and where it is parked.

The user must check for any existing damage before travelling. If any, he must immediately report it to the CERN garage (building 130).

The vehicle is opened by swiping the RFID card in front of the card reader positioned on the windscreen. The vehicle is locked in the same way.

In case the card is defective, contact Mobility 24/7 Service center 0848 824 812 from Switzerland, +41 848 824 812 from abroad.

If the member of personnel needs to fill up with fuel, use the CERN fuel card attached to the car key in one of the CERN filling stations:

Filling station

Filling station

Building 130

Opening hours: 8am - 12pm / 1pm - 5pm

Contact: 77039

Building 867

Opening hours: 8am - 12pm / 1pm - 5pm

Contact: 77039


3.6 Returning the vehicle

Vehicles must be returned to the initial pickup location.

Upon returning the vehicle, all battery-operated equipment must be turned off. The key must be left in the ignition at the end of a booking. Hold the RFID card at checkpoint on windscreen from outside until the central locking is activated.

To return the vehicle before the end of the booked slot, terminate the booking by pressing on the ResEnd button on the on-board computer or via the app "Mobility car" and confirm by pressing: Yes,


3.7 Car-sharing User Guide

Car-sharing User Guide



For any assistance regarding CERN cars (breakdown, tires, battery...):

  • During working days:

  • Phone: +41 22 767 7777
  • Bldg: 55-2-
  • Opening hours: from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday).


  • Outside working days:
  • PEUGEOT Assistance
  • Phone: 0800 55 50 05 from Switzerland and +41 44 746 23 95 from abroad


For any assistance regarding vehicle access, bookings, on-board computer...:

  • Mobility 24/7 Service Center
    • Phone: 0848 824 812 from Switzerland and +41 848 824 812 from abroad



5.1 Accident within the fenced parts of the CERN site

For more information: Operational Circular No. 4

It is also essential to forward to the CERN garage (building 130), service responsible for vehicle repairs, the European Road Accident report.


5.2 Accident outside the fenced parts of the CERN site

For more information: Operational Circular No. 4

It is also essential to forward to the CERN garage (building 130), service responsible for vehicle repairs, a photocopy of the European Road Accident report.


For more information:


5.3 Accident outside the fenced parts of the CERN site

For more information: Operational Circular No. 4



For your private trips, two parking places with Mobility cars are at your disposal at the Park Globe. Mobility offers to CERN members of the personnel a private subscription for 129 CHF per year with a circulation credit of 30 CHF. To benefit from this service, you can take out a subscription and get your private Mobility card.

For more information, please visit the Mobility website or contact them by email or by phone 0848 824 812 (24/24 service centre).

CERN is not responsible for this service.


From January 2018, a new Mobility Initiative will be implemented and be available to all personnel working on the CERN site. This involves the car sharing-operator Catch a Car, which is providing two fixed parking spaces at CERN in the Globe car park. Use of these cars will be available for private use at preferential rates; the inscription fee for CERN personnel will be 5CHF instead of 25CHF, which includes a 50CHF initial credit.

Catch a Car is a subsidiary of the Mobility Cooperative. It operates Switzerland’s first free-floating car sharing offer in Geneva and Basel. Customers locate the cars online, drive from A to B, and then leave them in a public parking space within a defined zone. The service operates in Geneva, covering the most of the Canton, including the city itself, the adjoining districts of Carouge, Lancy, Vernier and Chêne-Bougeries, and Cointrin Airport.

From now on, CERN's community – with about 9,000 people working on the CERN site each day – will have the opportunity to make use of the resource-saving, cost-effective alternative to the private car. In return, Catch a Car will not only provide the vehicles; it will also check that they are available and that the parking spaces are kept vacant.

To sign up to use this service and obtain the preferential deal please register via quoting the promotional code CATCHCERN.


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