GS-IS - Integrated Services


The GS-IS group defines and provides supply chain and facilities management related services for the CERN user community and all Departments of the Organization. Its main role is to provide services, based on the users’ needs and Management decisions, in three main areas:

  • Logistics Services
  • Site Services
  • Stores Operations

The group provides the required services in a timely and efficient manner, operating according to the rules and procedures of the Organization. It actively seeks to take advantage of synergies in the operations of its sections by means of shared contracts, as well as common work methods and services. All sections of the group support each other and leverage their unique expertise at CERN in the field of supply chain management, resulting in an optimized level of service and savings for the Organization.




  • LS - Logistics Services (section Leader: Patrick MUFFAT)

Logistics Services section provides the CERN’s user community and other Departments supply chain related operations in several fields, using the synergies with the other sections in the group to reach an optimal level of service. It deals daily with the competent authorities in Member States, and specifically those in the Host States.

It handles the shipping of all orders related to CERN’s activities, including import and export documentation, through pre-defined contracts, unless otherwise stated in the contractual documents. 

It also is responsible for the reception of materials shipped to CERN and the internal distribution of the said materials daily to the CERN’s user community. In connection with reception and distribution, the section handles the mailing service of the Organization.

The section is the focal point of all waste management operations of the Organization, including conventional waste, hazardous waste, and green waste. It operates storage areas in its charge for radioactive and conventional materials. The waste management operations utilize the existing expertise in the section and group in areas such as transport, shipping and materials management. Regarding the radioactive waste, the section handles only the shipping of the materials.

Lastly, the section provides the CERN’s user community assistance in dealing with removals (coming to CERN and leaving CERN, internal removals) and in obtaining vehicle licence plates for the authorized staff and users. It provides support and documentation for staff with diplomatic privileges. It also handles CERN’s official exhibitions in collaboration with other Departments.  It is directly involved in the Customs & Fiscal Advisory services that the group ensures, assisting in providing the information and the advice needed to guarantee the respect of customs and fiscal rules and regulations by the Organization, the user community, the universities, the collaborating institutes, the numerous suppliers and contractors.


  • SIS - Site Services (section Leader: Véronique SOGNO)

Site Services section provides the CERN’s user community and other Departments an optimal level of service in three main areas: mobility options, managing CERN’s hotels, and ensuring the cleanliness of the site (offices and other areas) as defined by the Management.

Regarding the mobility options at CERN, the section ensures the optimal level of vehicles in the car pool at CERN, managing the contracts with different suppliers of vehicles, and timely responding to the needs of the CERN’s user community and supporting the operations of the Logistics Services and Stores sections. The section operates a car and bicycle sharing system in support of the “mobilité douce”. It also ensures the smooth operation of shuttle services (fixed lines inside and outside CERN, and on demand service) as well as car and bus rentals, when requested by the users. The section is seen as a mobility center of CERN, planning and covering the needs of the logistics fleet at the Organization and all modes of traffic on CERN’s sites.

The section also runs the daily operations of hotels on CERN sites, or offers the CERN user community other options for their stay at CERN. It plans and monitors the rate of occupation, and adapts its service to the users’ needs.

In addition to the above, the section also manages the cleaning services required by the Organization in its daily activities. It plans and carries out the daily cleaning of office and other spaces, as well as ad hoc operations required by the CERN’s user community and Departments.


  • SO - Stores Operations, Catalogue and Standardization (section Leader: Cédric GARINO)

As part of the supply chain, CERN Stores offer material management for standard items (i.e. consistent references with recurrent demands and a long-term interest for the Organization) supported by online catalogues, a dedicated material request electronic flow, technical specifications, and a contractual framework for the items handled by the Stores based on the needs of the CERN’s user community.

In addition, CERN Stores also provide a front line service for material demands including non-standard material requests in technical areas such as raw materials and cables. It also provides stock management expertise to the Organization, as well as order management and warehouse operations, with the ultimate goal to ensure an optimal order lead time in line with users’ needs, traceability, and quality insurance for materials received at the Stores, especially providing added value in the quality control of items in the fields of Personal Protection and cabling.

CERN Stores is the sole procurement process for all standardized items at CERN.

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