ISP Mandate


The Patrimony and Site Information Section is responsible for the:

  • Topographical Surveying of CERN sites and installations (buildings, roads, distribution networks, parks,...) in its surface and underground.
  • Update and maintenance of CERN GIS (Geographical Information System) which is the representation of the set of installations existing in the different sites of CERN.
  • Update of buildings maps by floor with a classification of the existing rooms.
  •  Production and diffusion of two different types of maps: set of sites or buried networks.  
  • Classification of new CERN constructions (buildings, barracks, ...) and update and maintenance of the Patrimony (GEOSIP) Data Base.  
  •  Archiving maps of CERN constructions independently to have been carried through internally or coming from outside production (contractor, engineering and design department, ...).

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