Private market Accommodation

The CERN Housing Service provides a list of furnished or unfurnished accommodation on the local private market. It is not an estate agent but a non profit-making service providing details of available accommodation.

CERN does not provide any guaranty of any kind concerning the transactions between the owner and the tenant. In particular, CERN cannot be involved in disputes concerning non-payment of rental fees, local taxes or misbehaving tenants. Taxes are due by the owner or the tenant to the authorities in the country where they apply (Switzerland or France).

The offers are sorted by post date. The most recent at the top.

If you want more information about the Private Market Accommodation: Private Accommodation - Book or propose for rent


Apartment in house Apartment in a house 5 2100 CHF 03/04/2018 Prevessin-Moens FR Yes fully
Brand new beautifull house with terrace and garden House 4 2300 EUR 30/04/2018 Prevessin-Moens FR Yes fully
Bright 1 bedroom apartment 1 1400 EUR 15/04/2018 Ferney-Voltaire FR Yes fully
Room to rent Room 1 1000 CHF 20/03/2018 Meyrin CH Yes fully
Apartment 3 2400 EUR 01/04/2018 Ferney-Voltaire FR Yes fully
Renovated House in Versonnex House 2 750 EUR 17/03/2018 Versonnex FR Yes fully
Apartment Apartment 2 1790 CHF 01/05/2018 Versoix CH Yes fully
Apartment Apartment 1 930 EUR 01/05/2018 Saint Genis Pouilly FR No
House 3 1900 EUR 13/04/2018 Thoiry, Ain FR No
Apartment is St Genis Apartment 1 800 EUR 01/06/2018 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes partly
Room fo rent Room 1 900 CHF 13/03/2018 Prevessin-Moens FR Yes fully
​Room to rent in a shared house Room 1 800 CHF 13/04/2018 Meyrin CH Yes fully
room to rent Room 1 760 EUR 12/03/2018 Sergy FR Yes fully
House House 3 5500 CHF 01/08/2018 Gingins CH Yes fully
Studio Studio 1 1100 CHF 01/04/2018 Meyrin CH Yes fully
Apartment Apartment 3 EUR 07/03/2018 Ferney-Voltaire FR No
room Room 1 1200 CHF 31/03/2018 Meyrin CH
Studio Studio 1 1330 CHF 01/05/2018 Geneva CH No
House House 4 2600 EUR 05/03/2018 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes partly
House House 4 3400 EUR 19/03/2018 Thoiry, Ain FR Yes fully


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