SMB-SE-TOD Technical Office and Patrimony Data


The TOD section is responsible for the management of the external relations with the technical offices of the local authorities.

With respect to the Data Management, the TOD section is responsible for the collection and the sharing of geographic and infrastructure information. This involves:

  • The administration of the CERN Geographic Information System (GIS);
  • The collection, update and archive of CERN base maps and infrastructure data ;
  • Topographic survey and setting outs on CERN sites (surface);
  • The response and management of DICT (Déclarations d'Intention de Commencement de Travaux) sent to CERN;
  • The operation of a drone and of various measurement sensors (photogrammetric and lidar)

With respect to the Technical Office activities, the TOD section is responsible for:

  • The execution of the study and design of Civil Engineering works (underground, surface, special works, piping networks, roads and landscaping) including the 2D integration, the modeling of structures in Revit and 3D Catia requested by project manager and work requesters;
  • The support to project managers for the verification of the study and design produced by external consultants;
  • Advise project managers for the preparation of technical specifications and cost estimates;
  • The urban planning activities that include:
    • The coordination and realization of urban planning studies;
    • The coordination of the CERN masterplan updates;
    • The verification of compliance of new projects proposals with the CERN masterplan objectives;
    • The role of technical contact for land and urban planning regulation with the host states.
    • The management of building permits;
    • The support of the technical studies in the field of mobility.



SMB-SE-TOD Technical Office and Patrimony Data Michael POEHLER
  Deputy Section Leader Youri ROBERT
Technical Office

Structural engineer Raul FERNANDEZ 

Autocad-Catia draftsmen Ludovic BARTHELEMY, Johan DAUGE, Angel NAVASCUES, Yoann OBRY, Daniel ALVAREZ, Jan Muhammad RANA, personnel of framework contract

Structural engineer: Andre REBELO DE CAMPOS

Data - Patrimony and Site Information

Surveying engineer Youri ROBERT

Geomaticians Nicolas GUILHAUDIN

Surveying and GIS technicians François VILLAGRASSA, Samuel ZELER, personnel of framework contract

Urban Planning and External Relations

Urban Planning Michael POEHLER

Support external relations with the technical offices of the local authorities Youri ROBERT

Support Urban Planning Agnieszka ANIULIS-ROGACKA