SMB-SSL-CS Campus services


The Campus Services section (SMB-SSL-CS) provides the CERN community with an optimal level of service in the areas of
•    person mobility (shuttle busses, cars, bicycles),
•    housing (managing CERN’s hotels, CERN apartments, contacts with private local market),
•    cleaning (offices and other areas),
•    installation (removals, special car plates),
•    catering (restaurants, cafetaria's, vending machines)

Mobility: The section offers a range of mobility services on the CERN sites.  This includes optimization of the capacity of vehicles in the CERN car pools (short term and long term rentals), maintaining the contracts with different suppliers of vehicles, and anticipating changing needs of the user community and resource planning. The car pool ensures the management of the repairs and maintenance of the vehicles, and also manages CERN bicycles (purchases, rentals and repairs). The section operates a car sharing system, and also ensures the smooth operation of the CERN shuttle bus services (fixed lines inside and outside CERN, and on demand services for example to transport visitors) as well as coordination of external car and bus rentals. The section operates the CERN mobility centre.

Housing: The section operates the hotels on the CERN site and CERN apartments, manages the reservation of Foyer Schuman in Saint-Genis, and coordinates contacts with local housing options (private market). It monitors capacity usage, and service quality, and adapts its capacity and service levels to the needs of the user community. It is also responsible for planning preventive maintenance to keep the assets in a good state, notably the CERN hotels.

Cleaning & Waste: The section is in charge of all regular and periodical cleaning interventions covering ~340’000 M2 floor space, and 22’000M2 of windows in ~600 buildings and halls (including offices, public areas, laboratories, halls, workshops, stores, service areas, controlled areas, etc.). This also includes animal interventions (ants, rats, mice, foxes..) and snow clearance in front of the buildings. The cleaning service is also in charge of the cleaning operations needed during technical stops and long shutdowns. The section also takes care of all conventional waste management operations within the Organization.

Installation: Providing the community assistance in dealing with removals (coming to CERN and leaving CERN) and in obtaining vehicle license plates for the authorized persons. It provides support and documentation for staff with diplomatic privileges.

Catering: The current catering services include 3 restaurants (R1, R2 at Meyrin and R3 at Prevessin), 8 cafeterias (buildings n°6, 13 , 30, 40, 54 , 774, 864 and 865) and over a hundred of vending machines.


SMB-SSL-CS Site Services Laetitia LEJEUNE
  Deputy Section Leader Gilles BOLLINGER