SMB Group Leaders Meeting (GLM)

GLM Composition

Head of Department (Chairman) L. Miralles  
Group Leaders C. Garino SMB-SC
  L. Scibile SMB-SE
  L. Lejeune SMB-SIS
  G. Balazs SMB-SMS
Security Service D. Constant SMB-DI
Departmental Planning Officer (DPO) E. Weymaere SMB-DI
Secretary C. Alliod  
Human Resources Advisor (HRA) C. de Poix  
Departemental Safety Officer (DSO) M. Vadon  


Mandate of GLM

  • Diffuse information (from Groups and to Groups).
  • Debate on common issues.
  • Organise transversal links and define responsibilities for multidisciplinary projects/activities.



The GLM meets on the basis of every two weeks, on Monday Morning at 9:30, room 54/2-037. Minutes will be approved by the GLM at the next meeting before being published on EDMS and Indico.