Hotel Rules - Code of Conduct

Welcome to CERN!

The CERN Hotel is made available to persons visiting or working at CERN for their convenience and quiet enjoyment.

We hope your stay is pleasant and productive. For your safety and comfort, as well as that of your fellow guests, please read the following Rules and comply with them throughout your stay.

The general principles and responsibilities regarding the COVID 19-related health and safety measures and defined in the Memorandum dated May 5, 2020 must be followed, otherwise the offender will no longer be accepted within the hotel .

Reminder: Successful completion of the new online course “COVID-19 - Health & Safety Measures at CERN”  will be mandatory for access to CERN sites from May the 18th, 2020.

Hotel Rules - Code of conduct

  1. Guests shall acquaint themselves with the fire safety procedures and comply immediately with fire or other safety drills, alarms and instructions.
  2. Guests shall behave appropriately and with discretion at all times, respectful of the Hotel environment and staff, as well as of other guests.
  3. During the quiet hours from 11pm to 7am, guests shall be particularly considerate and refrain from any conduct that could disturb others in the vicinity.
  4. Only registered guests are permitted in the Hotel, other than for brief visits in common areas. No overnight visitors are permitted.
  5. Parties or gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted in the Hotel. Group meetings under the authority of a leader or teacher are tolerated provided that they do not disrupt the environment for other guests.
  6. Food must be consumed only in common areas and food waste must be properly disposed of.
  7. Smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs are strictly prohibited.
  8. The facilities of the Hotel are for the enjoyment of all guests. To this end, care shall be taken to respect the infrastructure. In particular, furniture shall not be moved and nothing may be fixed to furniture or walls.
  9. Guests are expected to keep their rooms and the common areas clean and tidy at all times.
  10. Proper care should be taken of personal valuables. The CERN Hotel is not responsible in the event of their theft, loss or damage. Lost and Found items will be kept by the Housing Service for 3 months. They can be retrieved at the Hotel Reception only. No items can be sent. Perishable items will be disposed of immediately.


The CERN Hotel reserves the right to charge guests additional cleaning or damage fees, or to evict guests without refund and/or inform their CERN hierarchy and/or home institution1, should they fail to comply with the above mentioned rules.