Private Accommodation - Book or propose for rent

The Housing Service can assist Members of the personnel and Contractor's personnel (a valid contract with CERN) in finding furnished or unfurnished accommodation on the local private market offered only by private landlords. CERN will not publish offers from regular rental Agencies.

The lists of available flats on the private market are compiled by the CERN Housing Service from offers received from private owners. They are regularly updated with new offers. The standard duration of a lease is one year, but shorter periods, notably in summer, can often be negociated, especially for furnished accommodation.

Please note that according to the legislation, the minimum surface for a room to rent is 9m² in France and 10 m² in Switzerland.

Although the Housing Service can give advice and information on certain aspects of the law and practice, its role is restricted to putting Members of the personnel and Contractor's personnel (or their representatives) in touch with landlords (or their agents).

The Service is not involved in negociations between the parties concerned and cannot take the responsibility for the conclusion or implementation of leases. Neither will it intervene in disputes, litigation etc., between tenants and landlords, agencies etc.


1. Location

Local area.



2. You are the owner


  • How to propose an apartment or a house for rental:

WITH or WITHOUT valid CERN computer account
Complete and submit the request Request to advertise an appartment or house for rent by landlord. You can also enclose photos or other supporting material. Please note that he minimum surface accepted for a room is 9m².

You can also send an email to with all the information you may have.

The landlord is responsible for complying with the laws applicable to the rented accomodation. Failing that, CERN reserves the right to remove the advertisement from its website without notice.

  • How to request the removal of your offer:

WITH or WITHOUT valid CERN computer account
Complete and submit the request Private Housing: Request to remove advertisement by landlord.



3. You are the future tenant


  • How to rent an apartment from the proposed private accommodations:

WITH a valid CERN computer account WITHOUT a valid CERN computer account
Go through the list of offers (Private Market Accommodation) and to get the contact details, click on the selected offer on “landlord Info”, you will be redirected to the Service Portal /Service Desk to submit the request:

Private Housing: Request for landlord contact details for an advertisement

Send us an email to or contact us by phone +41 22 767 4155.