SMB-SC Supply Chain


The Supply Chain Group (SMB-SC) provides CERN Departments and Users’ Community supply chain related operations, using the synergies between them to reach an optimal level of service and confidence.

This includes material management, supply and warehousing of standard items, import/export/cross trade, goods reception and expedition, long-term storage, internal distribution, internal removal, waste management and supply of VAT/fiscal/customs/export control advisory services. It consists of two sections: SMB-SC-LS (Logistics) and SMB-SC-SO (Stores).



SMB-SC Supply Chain Cédric GARINO
  Deputy Group Leader Patrick MUFFAT
SMB-SC-LS Supply Chain Logistics Patrick MUFFAT
SMB-SC-SO Supply Chain Stores Operations Cédric GARINO
  Group Administrative Officer Christine DEMIRDJIAN


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