SMB-SE-HE HVAC and Electricity


  • The HE section is responsible for the design, operation, repairs, maintenance, works and special works for the non-machine buildings in the following fields:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Specific Extraction);
  • Cooling;
  • Fluids distribution (water cooling, compressed air, gaz, fire fighting, filling);
  • Electricity (power distribution, lighting, machine powering);
  • Sanitary (drinking water, domestic water, solar panels, safety);
  • Catering (catering equipment).
  • District heating production and distribution.



SMB-SE-HE HVAC, Fluids, Electricity, sanitary and Catering Christophe MARTEL
  Deputy Section Leader Christian BOUVIER
HVAC, Sanitary and Catering

Christian BOUVIER, Vasileios CHATZIELEFTHERIOU, Jean-Marc DAMELINCOURT, Thomas DELATTRE, Morgan FARRE, Laurine FERTIN, Christophe MARTEL, Franck MORO, Denis POTARD, Guillaume ROUGE


Alain FAVRE, Juan GOMEZ, Alexis PUGNI, Patrice SAJOUS, Fabien VINCENT



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