SMB-SSL-LS - Logistics


The Logistics section manages all external movements of goods, from and to suppliers or research institutes all over the world, including import, export, cross trade, and transit activities. It ensures compliance with export control regulations. It interacts with the competent authorities in Member States, in particular with those in the Host States. It targets the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transport for each shipment.

The section is also responsible for the reception of all incoming goods as well as the preparation of departing shipments by implementing labelling and packing according to international regulations. It also manages all internal transports of goods from Goods reception/Stores buildings to any location on CERN site and vice versa. Finally it also operates internal removals.

The section also operates mail service which includes the collection and distribution of internal mail, the conditioning and franking of outgoing mail, and the reception and redistribution of incoming mail and small packages.

The section also takes care of special waste management operations within the Organization.
The section is in charge of the management of storage areas for radioactive and conventional materials.

Finally the section offers advice in the fields of customs, fiscal and export control matters to the Departments, the Users’ Community, the universities, the collaborating institutes, the numerous suppliers and contractors. It is in charge of the operative contacts with the customs and the export control authorities in the Host States.


SMB-SSL-LS Logistics Patrick MUFFAT
  Deputy Section Leader Claudia BRUGGMANN FURLAN


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