CERN respects the environment

For several years, various measures have been implemented at CERN to optimise recycling and meet the following related challenges:

Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill or incinerated;
Reduce pollution and contribute to the protection of the environment;
Reduce the use of raw materials in favour of recycled materials;
Reduce the cost of waste processing.

At CERN, we recycle:

Wood (untreated)
Aluminium cans
Nespresso capsules
PET plastics
“Sagex” (expanded polystyrene)
Printer toner cartridges
Household waste from restaurants
Inert waste
Green waste.



At CERN, we have:

  • Regular collections for small amounts of incinerable waste and paper/cardboard in waste containers situated near building entrances (click here for details);
  • Collections on request for greater volumes of waste requiring skips (click here for details).

We also have:

  • Regular scrap wood collections on the Swiss and French parts of the site (off-cuts not exceeding 1m3 can be deposited near the incinerable waste and paper/cardboard containers).

A Transvoirie lorry
Reminder: Worksite supervisors must be able to guarantee the traceability after removal of waste produced on his worksite, and for that reason, an EDH shipping request must be submitted every time waste is to be transported to a sorting centre or recycling plant.


Skips, containers and 1m3 bins

What goes where?


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