CERN Shuttle Service



CERN Shuttle service update:

The shuttle service will stop on Friday 18 December at the usual time. Circuit 2 will resume on 4 January with an unchanged schedule. Circuit 1 will not resume until a later date due to extremely low demand.


To be able to see the timetables of the CERN shuttles, please click on the below links:



Lunch Shuttle - Meyrin
Prévessin via FH Schuman

Shift ALICE / CMS / LHCb / COMPASS / NA61 / NA62

Meyrin - Airport - Meyrin

Please make sure to be present at the bus stop in advance from the time scheduled on the departure timetable.

Please note that any person wishing to enter the CERN site will have to hold an access card from CERN to certify its eligibility to enter on this secured area. The drivers will ask the passengers to show their cards at the moment to get on the bus. If you do not have your card with you at that moment, the driver will drop you off at the building 55, before entering the CERN site, to do the necessary procedures with the registration office.

The CERN's shuttle service is available only to the professional activities of the people working on the CERN site. As mentioned on the OC4, children are not authorized to get on the CERN shuttles even if accompanied by an adult.



Person transportation services ensure regular and on demand transportation for professional purposes inside and between CERN sites (Meyrin and Prevessin), and to/from Geneva airport. This service also organizes transportation for visiting groups and specific CERN events.

Regular transportation are organized by specific circuits (information and timetables avalaible on the shuttle spreadsheet)

On demand transportation need to be requested at least 24 hours prior the execution date by filling the related form on the service portal.

For any questions feel free to contact the Mobility Center