Car parks at CERN

1. Principle of the scheme

Around 5900 places are spread across approximately 276 parking lots on the CERN site.

Authorised parking areas are clearly marked with a parking sign ("P"). Vehicles must be parked within the lines of the parking slots. Road signs indicating that parking spaces are reserved ("tow-away zone", "disabled", "official vehicles", "CERN vehicles", etc.) must be complied with.

If you notice a vehicle parked irregularly, you can contact the CSA Access Control Center, which will advise the vehicle owner to stop the infraction. If parking blocks other users, the security service
may have it removed in the absence of its owner.

Access Control Center / Centrale de Survellance des Accès

Tel. 78877 (+41 76 78877) or 78878 (+41 22 76 78878)

2. Conditions of use


2.1 Parking regulations

The security service is also responsible for supervising compliance with the parking regulations on the CERN site.

In that context, it ensures that the following rules are complied with on the CERN car park:

  • Vehicles may not be left on a CERN car park for longer than 5 consecutive working days. However, CERN users are entitled to leave their vehicles parked at CERN for a longer period. Cf the procedure "Long-term parking conditions."
  • Parking spaces must not be occupied by abandoned vehicles/wrecks. The service organizes the disposal of such vehicles. Cf the procedure "Abandoned vehicles".


2.2 Long-term parking conditions

The procedure is available in the Admin e-guide.


2.3 Conditions of the Flagstaff Car-Park, the Globe car park and Park-and-Ride (P+R)

As part of the new arrangements following the arrival of the tram-line at CERN, an Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has been installed restricting access to the Flagstaff Car-park, the Globe car park and the Park-and-Ride (P+R) zone according to the conditions set out below:

1. Holders of a valid P+R user card may enter the car-park at all hours but may only park in the area specifically designated as the P+R zone. P+R user cards can be purchased from the Fondation des Parkings de Genève.

2. Members of CERN personnel and of contractors' personnel, whatever their status, may freely access the Flagstaff Car-Park and the Globe car park at all hours, as long as their vehicle is duly registered with CERN, but they may not use the P+R zone, which is reserved for holders of P+R user cards.

Please check that your vehicle number-plates are properly registered via AdaMS. If this is not the case, the following action must be taken:

  • for private or company-owned vehicles: please contact the Registration Service;
  • for drivers of vehicles with green plates:  please contact the Installation Service,
  • for drivers of CERN vehicles:  please contact your Car-pool correspondent.

3. Occasional visitors are, by default, entitled to a single (in-out) access to the Flagstaff Car-Park, but are not entitled to park in the P+R area. If they wish to access the Flagstaff Car-Park and the Globe car park again they must apply to Building 33, otherwise they will be refused entry.


To ensure your number plates are properly identified:

  • Check they are in good condition (no holes, deformations, etc.).
  • Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at the white line before the gate.
  • Signs:


2.4 Illegally parked

Vehicles parked without number plates and/or CERN stickers (stickers are not required for vehicles with special-series number plates issued to members of the CERN personnel by the Host States) and vehicles parked in such a way as to pose an obstacle to emergency services or disrupt the flow of traffic may be impounded at the owner's expense.



2.5 Abandoned vehicles

The services in charge of managing the CERN site have recently noted an increase in the number of abandoned vehicles.

Owners of vehicles that have been left immobile for some time on the CERN site, including on the external car park by the flags, are therefore invited to contact the Reception and Access Control Service ( and, where appropriate, move their vehicle to a designated long-term parking area.

Any vehicle whose owner has failed to respond to this request and which is without a number plate, has been stationary for several weeks or is out of service, may be impounded at the owner's risk and expense.