Access Control


Access Control Centre (CSA): Tel : +41 22 767 88 77



CERN has several sites, located in both France and Switzerland, some of which have more than one point of access.


Meyrin site


Entrance B: CERN’s main entrance. This entrance has an access card reader and a vehicle number-plate reader and is manned by security guards.

It is accessible to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Opening hours


Entrance A: manned by one security guard and accessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

Opening hours


Entrance C: manned by one security guard and accessible to vehicles and pedestrians.

Opening hours


Access E (Charles de Gaulle Gate): located in France, this gate is reserved exclusively for members of the personnel and contractors’ personnel travelling to the Meyrin site from France or vice versa.

Only personal effects that are not subject to a customs declaration may be transported (cf. CERN/DSU-RH/12222/Rev.2).

Opening hours


The inter-site tunnel: reserved exclusively for CERN vehicles and private vehicles driven by a member of the personnel who has obtained an authorisation via EDH. Pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles are not permitted to use the tunnel.

The tunnel connects the Meyrin site to other CERN sites that are the subject of agreements with France and Switzerland.

It may be used only for direct journeys between the various parts of the CERN site and not for:

- entering the CERN site directly from a point located outside it (for example, travelling to or from work)

- journeys of a personal nature (for example, to the bank, the post office, a restaurant, etc.)

Only CERN property accompanied by a transfer sheet and personal effects not subject to a customs declaration (cf. CERN/DSU-DO/RH/8200) may be transported through the tunnel.

Opening hours


Gate D (GPS Long. 6.051419 Lat. 46.234531): Reserved exclusively for deliveries.

Only non-CERN goods transport vehicles are authorised to use this gate.

Neither visitors nor members of the personnel may enter or leave the site through Gate D.

Opening hours


Reception in Building 33:  Reserved exclusively for visitors and members of the CERN personnel with an access card. External visitors can print their visitor cards here.

Opening hours


Jura Door: Reserved exclusively for pedestrians with a valid access card.

Opening hours


The Globe and park-and-ride (P+R) car park:

An automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) system has been installed to control access to the Globe and P+R car park, according to the following conditions:

1. Holders of a valid P+R user card may enter the area specifically designated as the P+R zone (blue zone), marked out with special signage, without restriction and at any time of the day. P+R user cards can be purchased from the Fondation des Parkings de Genève.

2. Members of the CERN personnel and contractors' personnel, whatever their status, may access the Globe car park without restriction and at any time of day (except for the blue P+R zone, which is reserved for holders of P+R user cards between midnight and 10 a.m.), provided that their vehicle is duly registered with CERN and the driver also holds a CERN access card.

3. Occasional visitors are authorised, by default, to enter and leave the Globe car park (except the P+R zone) only once every semester. In order to be granted an additional entry, they must apply to Building 33; otherwise, they will be refused entry to the car park.


Prévessin site


Main Entrance: Opening hours


Route du Maroc Entrance: reserved exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists

Opening hours


Chemin du Moulin des Ponts Entrance: reserved exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists

Opening hours



For all LHC and BA sites access is granted every day,  24 hours a day according COVID-19 Access Restrictions. 

Tunnel is open Monday to Friday, excluding official CERN  holidays, from 7.00 to 18:00 according COVID-19 Access Restrictions.


Table of main access points