Vehicle registration and parking

How many vehicles can I register?

You can register as many vehicles as you wish. However, depending on your status and in accordance with the provisions of Operational Circular No. 2, you may activate only a certain number of them.

Holders of a blue “C” CERN card are permitted to activate two vehicles from the list of vehicles registered in their name, other than CD and K vehicles.

Holders of a red “E”, white “M”, yellow “A”, green “R” or orange “P” CERN card may activate only one vehicle from the list of vehicles registered in their name.

Instead of going to Building 55, you can register your vehicle online using the app:


I am a CERN pensioner. How can I use the app?

If you are a pensioner, you should use your Lightweight account. You can create one by clicking on this link:

You will then need to go to the Registration Service (Building 55) to finalise the account creation. Link for managing your vehicles.


I use several vehicles to access the CERN site. How do I select the right one?

You must click on the line indicating the car that you wish to select to make it turn green. Red lines indicate inactive vehicles and lines that are always green represent permanently active CD or K vehicles.


I have not yet received my definitive carte grise. Can I still register my vehicle?

Yes, you can register it with the temporary vehicle registration certificate or the cancelled carte grise that belonged to the previous owner.


What types of vehicle can I register?

Any vehicle can be registered, except for bicycles, quad bikes, trailers and caravans.


I have no internet access. What can I do?

You can contact the Registration Service, which will select your vehicle(s) for you.


I have a vehicle that is not in my name. Can I still register it?

Yes, you can register a vehicle that is not in your name.


If I arrive at one of the CERN entrances in an unregistered vehicle, can I still enter the site?

No. You must take the necessary steps to register your vehicle before arriving at one of the CERN entrances. However, if you have borrowed or hired the vehicle for a maximum of 3 days, you are not obliged to register it, but must scan your access card on entering the site.


Can I register my vehicle if I have “External” status (card with black lines)?

No. Persons holding a black “V” CERN card with “External” status may not register a vehicle.


If not, how can I access the site?

You must scan your access card at the card readers installed at the various CERN entrances.


I have a Family card. Can I register my vehicle?

Yes, but the vehicle must be registered to the person holding a CERN contract.


In the event of a problem with number-plate recognition, which service should I contact?

You should contact the Service Desk ( sends e-mail)) and your problem will be referred to the appropriate service.


How long does it take for my number plates to be recognised by the readers once I have registered?

The estimated waiting time is 25 minutes.

If I need to delete a vehicle, will the system be updated immediately?

Yes, the deletion of a vehicle comes into effect immediately.


Will the app allow me to register my vehicles myself?

Yes, you can add a vehicle on the app by attaching a scanned copy of the carte grise.


Can I park my vehicle on the CERN site for more than five days?

No, but you can request a long-term parking permit using this link.