Stores - Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I make a mistake in the requested delivery date on the Material Request form, should I submit a new request?

No. Report an incident through the Service Portal to have the date corrected.


2. When the order status mentions the words "prévu dans picking mms4" (scheduled in picking mms4), what does it mean?

The picking document is an internal document which triggers the procedure by which the requested item is set aside for collection in the stores. The associated code generally indicates the day on which the item is set aside (mm = morning and 4 = 4th day of the week).


3. What is the procedure for ordering non-standardised items ?

Submit a general request through the Service Portal.


4. Who is responsible for GSM repairs?

When the equipment is still under warranty, return it to the Stores, and if it is not, please contact the Labo Telecom stores: Tel. 72480 or e-mail


Should you have any request concerning the Stores, access to the service through the Service Portal or: