Stores - Gas distribution procedure

As from 1st January 1998, the Logistics section has outsourced the supply and on site distribution of all gases, including gas mixtures and calibration gases in cylinders and banks, to a contractor selected following a call for tenders.


1. Information

All the gases have a SCEM reference number and are listed in the Stores electronic catalog (groups 60 and 61) which can be consulted on EDH.

  • EDH Material Request

Users should place their orders via an EDH Material Request, which must be completed, validated and authorised in EDH for immediate transfer to the Stores materials management application (Baan). The items in the request will be forwarded to the contractor via EDI (Electronic Date Interchange).

  • Delivery time

The contractor will make daily deliveries to the official points shown on the Material Request. Standard gases will be delivered on the working day following the date of the transfer of the Material Request in Baan. Delivery of gas mixtures and calibration gases will take of 5 to 20 days depending on their class and complexity. Mixtures of CLASS I have a week's time, mixes CLASS II, two weeks of delay and mixes CLASS III 3 weeks. Classes are specified in the catalog.

  • Delivery points

The delivery points, determined jointly by your department, the HSE Department and the Logistics Section, will meet CERN's safety standards and will be regarder as official gas delivery points. They will be managed by the departments concerned and are designed to distinguish between empty and full cylinders or banks. The delivery points are mentioned on the Material Request.

  • Procedure for the return of cylinders or banks

Cylinders and batteries should be returned as soon as possible to the point EMPTY gas and at least within a period not exceeding 2 years.

Complete procedure for the return of cylinders or banks.

For the return of cylinders or banks, the user will be invited to send a request through the Service Portal:

For any new gas not listed in the Stores catalog, the user will be invited to send a request through the Service Portal:

It will take 72 hours at the most to provide the user with the information needed to order the new item.