Stores - Material Return

The requestor is required to inspect the materiel upon receipt to ensure that it is complete, not damaged, and that it corresponds to the material request. Requests for return shall be submitted within two weeks following the reception of the material by internal delivery, by submitting the form Material Return Authorization Request in Service Now, to be approved by the Product and Store Management team.

Acceptance of return of material is subject to the following conditions*:

  1. The return shall take place within two weeks after reception.
  2. The materail shall not be damaged.
  3. The material must still be part of the standardized range and stocked in the CERN Stores.


After approval of the request, the following procedures apply:


1. For average equipment which can be brought in a car

The user has the possibility to go directly to the Stores Urgency counter to return the material (bldg 73-R-002).


2. For more important equipment

Complete the EDH Transport request for the return of equipment: Location: 199-R-001. Please annex the completed Material return form as well as the delivery note.


See also Stores - Terms and conditions.




* Please note that a return penalty may apply.

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