Stores - Stock Stores Information

1. Will EDH tell me how many items are in stock ?

NO. Efficient stock management is based on the determination of the global requirements of all the users. In showing the quantity in stock detrimental results may occur.

To illustrate this, suppose a Stores user wishes to buy 10 pieces of an article. The following scenarios may result if the user has access to stock information:

  • 20 pieces in stock : The user might assume they are running out, so may purchase all 20 rather than just 10, thereby creating a stockout himself. Another colleague with an immediate requirement for 1 piece cannot be served either.
  • 0 pieces in stock : The user assumes that it will be faster to buy externally (even though the stock may be replenished within the next half hour).

Knowledge of stock information may not be helpful for normal requests, however in the event of important quantities for specific projects users are invited to contact the Stores.