Stores - Urgency Window

Opening hours

Bldg. 73-R-002
07:30 - 11:50
13:00 - 16:15




  • Eligibility: CERN personnel and Users;
  • Prerequisite: CERN access card and CERN budget code or Team Account number;
  • Budgetary restraints for Team Accounts (as from 1st October 2014):
    • 100 CHF per person/day or in accordance with the person's specific rights.




  • Complete the paper form "Material request" (scem no, also available at the counter;
  • Indicate: designation, SCEM and quantity;
  • Present the form with your CERN Access Card to the stores keeper who will proceed the request;
    • The item will only be provided if:
      • Stock is sufficient;
      • The item is not already allocated to an existing EDH Material Request;
      • The item is not subject to a specific procedure (ex. Serial number linked to a person, phones, computers, PPEs...);
      • For team accounts: the total amount is in accordance with the requestor's rights.
  • Sign the delivery receipt (both the requestor and the budget holder will be immediately notified);
  • The service will be charged 7% of the total amount.