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  1. To Zoom to an Extent or to a selected Equipment or Work



  • Other Possible parameters: you can also use those parameters with any other specific gis portals

  • Note that to display the icon of what you are searching for, you have to load the corresponding mapressource in the URL (see section "load resources by URL) 

Feature Parameter Parameter value Example
Building, Room, Point of interest, Road n Building or works number, sigle, road name, point of interest[54]['33/R-203']['Route BELL'][2155,'UJ17']

Planothèque nb, se Building, floor
Racks rna Layout_id['12984406']
Magnets mna Spat_name['MB.C23L4']
Radiation Monitor sima Layout_id['1831774']
Acces control acc EAM Code['YSASE-00220']
Eam equipment eam EAM Code['AYH6-05*49']
IT outlets it Outlet ID['88176']
EL equipments el_equip EAM Code['EPL887-200-06']
Zones EL el_zone Zone name['ME55']
Infrastructure management se EAM Code['E00133TN08']


Load ressources by URL

To open a Portal with some added data in the url

  • url of gisportal/?mapressources=mapressource_name

If you want to add several mapressources, you only have to add a comma between data's names.

  • ​Exemples:​

GISPortal examples :

Planotheque Examples :

Portals can also be downloaded with a zoom on a building or an equipment with the willing added data.