GIS Maps and Portals

Public maps


Basic map of CERN sites. Accessible for everyone online without restrictions.

MapCERN Lite

Lightweight version of CERN map with limited functionality.

CERN in 3D

Online 3D scene containing CERN buildings. The scene is a work in progress and should not be used as a source of information.

Wheelchair Accessible Areas

Allows searching for wheelchair accessible facilities, parking areas and paths between buildings 33 and 500.


Professional maps (login required)

GIS Portal

Main CERN map accessible by all CERN users. Entry point to access all existing GIS data and professional GIS portals.


Shows all the floor plans of CERN buildings and works. Each floor plan can be exported in DWG and EPS.

Access Control

Professional portal with access control data such as location of access doors, card readers etc.

Alarm Systems

Professional portal with restricted access dedicated to alarm systems.

DWG Extractor

Allows authorised users to export GIS data to DWG.


Professional portal with electrical data such as networks, cabinets, electrical zones etc.


Contains environmental monitoring data, hydrography and geology data.

Fire and Rescue Service

Professional portal with restricted access containing useful data for CERN fire brigade.


Professional portal displaying land plots (parcels) and use of CERN land.

History of Building Construction

An interactive story map presenting construction of buildings at CERN from 1954 until now.

Infrastructure Management

Professional portal designated for the maintenance of CERN infrastructure such as green spaces, roads or air conditioning.

IT Equipment

Professional portal with most of IT outlets, star points, tetra beacons and network coverage.


Professional portal showing data related to accelerators (beamlines, magnets etc.), 360° pictures and view of the tunnel.


Professional portal presenting most of CERN racks and related equipment such as IT outlets or electrical equipment.


Professional portal presenting the status of CERN buildings and the tunnel in relation to radioprotection.

Security Service

Professional portal with restricted access and security related data.

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