New on GIS Portals

Submitted by nalamber on Fri, 11/14/2014 - 15:43

GIS portals updates

1. Time slider for orthophotos

With the new version of GIS portals, you can see aerial views (orthophotos) at different point of time : 2012, the default one, or an older one (2011, 2009 and 2005).

To use this new fonctionnality, click on the “+” on the right of the layer name (Photographie aérienne). You will be able to manage transparency of  the layer and also to choose, with the slider(slide, don't click), which orthophoto you want to display.


2. Save your customised map and share it

Zoom on the location you want to see. Add data you are insterested in. Add your comments on the map with the drawing tools. And save your current page layout with the “Map files” tool, to keep this file on your PC. You can then import it again in the portal, to see your customized map.

Or you can save your map on our server, by clicking on the "Share map" button. You will then have a link to your customised map, which will be availlable during 3 months.

 Import an existing file.

 Saves the current map as it is displayed: active layers and zoom. The output file is a kmz.

Share map button


3. PDF / Image printing










Two ways to print a map:

  • PDF: map will be exported with a legend, a title and others informations
  • Image: without any information


How to do a PDF:

  • Choose a layout type: with or without legend
  • Choose the resolution
  • Add title and description if needed.
  • Modify the size and the rotation of the frame, you can either enter values or click on the edges of the frame.
  • You can create several maps in the same pdf. To finish, click on “Generate PDF” and then on "Download file".


How to create an image:

  • Adjust the map with the appropriate zoom 
  • Click on “Image”,
  • Choose the Image format 
  • Click on “Generate Image”.


4. Custom GISPortals

Portals can now be loaded directly with added data. You only have to change the basic URL this way:

url of gisportal/?mapressources=CERN_name_of_data

If you want to add many data, you only have to add a comma between data's names.

GISPortal examples :

Planotheque Examples :


Portals can also be downloaded with a zoom on a building or an equipment with the willing added data.