Internal regulations of the communal kitchen

These internal regulations aims to define rules concerning the use of the communal kitchen that all clients shall observe and respect. 

CERN housing service provides free of charge for the exclusive use of his clients, a communal kitchen, available 24h/24, except between 10h30 and 11h30, 7 days per week. 

The clients shall take care not to disturb the tranquillity of this space and be mindful of others sharing this space, and to respect silence within the premises of the hotel between 22h00 and 07h00.

The communal kitchen are under video surveillance, and clients are inform upon their arrival.

Although the communal kitchen is regularly cleaned and maintained by the hotel personnel, all clients shall comply with the following provisions:

  1. The use of the communal kitchen and its equipment, must be in accordance with the intended use, therefore private parties are not allowed ;
  2. Clients shall not, in any way, endanger the safety of the other clients and of the hotel premises;
  3. Clients shall respect and take care of the communal kitchen facilities such us but not limited to, furniture, kitchen appliances and kitchenware;
  4. The kitchen appliances and kitchenware shall properly be washed and/or cleaned and store after use;
  5. The kitchen furniture and appliances and kitchenware shall not leave the kitchen facilities;
  6. Any malfunction, damage or incident must be reported as soon as possible to the hotel management. The client shall pay for any damage he/her may have caused;
  7. Food must be stored in a transparent plastic bag, and labelled, before placed in the pantry and/or fridge, with the following information: Name, surname, arrival and departure date. Update if the dates change.
  8. Any food left out unlabelled and not stored as requested above, will be thrown away by the hotel housekeeper;
  9. Clients shall respect other’s clients labelled food ;
  10. Before departure, all clients shall empty the pantry and fridge of his/her food. If you wish to leave it and share with others clients, please put in the box available for this purpose.

In the event of non-compliance with the present internal rules, the client will receive a written warning, however the hotel management reserves the right either to temporary or definitely suspend the client access to the communal kitchen.

The hotel management declines all liability on the loss, damage of any sort and theft the client may suffer. Furthermore, the hotel management shall not be held responsible for any accident resulting from the use of the communal kitchen appliances and/or kitchenware.