Car Plates Services



This service is in charge of handling the requests for the people benefiting from the following car registrations or personal transactions:

  • K and CD special series French vehicle plates (green plates)
  • Purchase of tax-free vehicles in Switzerland
  • Imports of personal vehicles in Switzerland (as part of a residency change from the European Union into Switzerland).
The information provided below shall not give rise to any responsibility on the part of the Organization. The provisions of the Staff Rules and Regulations, the national legislation in force and the associated texts shall take precedence.


2.1 General requirements

The general application requirements for car registrations or personal transactions aforementioned are the following:

  • The green plates can only be delivered to special residency French permits holders as per the following: AT, FI, CD  
  • The application for free tax imports in Switzerland can only be done by the Swiss cards holders as per the following types: E, D, P, C.
    • For the requests form C card holders, please open a diplomatic request
    • For the requests form E, D, P card holders please open a request for a private car import in Switzerland (Link RP not yet in prod)
  • All people who are nor French card nor Swiss card holders - special permits from the aforementioned types - it is not possible to initiate a green plate application nor a tax free import in Switzerland.
  • All special card holders can only apply for themselves and cannot initiate a a green plate application nor a tax free import in Switzerland for a third-party.

Please note that all notes from the French customs are available on the admin e-guide.


2.2 For Switzerland

3 Requirements based on personal situations

Green plates:

Please note that for all requests it is important to be aware of the information present in the admin e-guide and read the related CERN Knowledge Base page to better understand about the real advantages and limitations of our service and the green plates constraints .

Free tax imports for Switzerland and VAT free purchases of new vehicles:

Please note that for all requests it is important to be aware of the information present our 2nd page website for the imports.

This service handles the requests raised by E,D and P Swiss cards holders.

For the; B and C card holders, please reach out the Installation Service's page   

The confidentiality shall be respected.