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New request - to be sent to your GAO (template)
Insurance form / Avis d'assurance (form) For trips using your private car only / pour les déplacements en voiture privée seulement


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As a general rule, please always refer to:
CERN TM English Language Style Guide
Guide de typographie (pour les documents publiés en français au CERN)
CERN recommended abbrevations
CERN Design Guidelines


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Safety at SCE:

Safety Officers at SCE:

DSO (Departmental Safety Officer) Marc Vadon
DDSO (Deputy Departmental Safety Officer) David Challoin
RSO (Radiation Safety Officer) Marc Vadon
FGSO (Flamable Gas Safety Officer) Joelle Donche
CSO (Cryogenics Safety Officer) Joelle Donche


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