Private market Accommodation

The CERN Housing Service provides a list of furnished or unfurnished accommodation on the local private market. It is not an estate agent but a non profit-making service providing details of available accommodation.

CERN does not provide any guaranty of any kind concerning the transactions between the owner and the tenant. In particular, CERN cannot be involved in disputes concerning non-payment of rental fees, local taxes or misbehaving tenants. Taxes are due by the owner or the tenant to the authorities in the country where they apply (Switzerland or France).

The offers are sorted by post date. The most recent at the top.

If you want more information about the Private Market Accommodation: Private Accommodation - Book or propose for rent


House House 4 2000 EUR 30/06/2020 Logras FR Yes fully DI CERTO David
Room to rent Room 1 750 CHF 01/09/2020 Geneva CH Yes fully Schuepfer Ursula
Apartment Apartment 2 1215 EUR 01/05/2020 Thoiry, Ain FR Yes partly Rochat, Carine
Apartment Apartment 1 1050 CHF 12/08/2020 Ferney-Voltaire FR Yes fully Khemakhem, Sarah
House House 4 4250 EUR 20/10/2020 Prevessin-Moens FR Yes fully ZOUHAIR Abdoullah
Apartment for rent Apartment 1 1100 EUR 01/08/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully Potapov, Dmitry
Apartment 2 1450 EUR 01/09/2020 Farges FR Yes fully ASANI Ibrahim
Room to rent Room 1 820 CHF 24/09/2020 Ferney-Voltaire FR Yes fully Lewis, David
House for rent House 4 2200 EUR 01/08/2020 Ornex FR No Veuillen Jean-Michel
room to rent Room 1 500 EUR 01/10/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully Garin-Davet, Didier
Apartment Apartment 4 2400 CHF 30/10/2020 Geneva CH Yes fully ERCOLE Maria Cecilia
Furnished room Room 1 570 EUR 01/06/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully Thinard, Florian
Studio Studio 1 780 EUR 15/06/2020 Thoiry, Ain FR Yes fully Loriot, Olivier
Apartment in house Apartment in a house 1 1500 CHF 11/09/2020 Satigny CH Yes fully Valle-Klann Markus
Apartment for rent Apartment 2 1265 EUR 01/09/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully Chaudet Guillaume
Apartment Apartment 3 2400 EUR 01/09/2020 Ferney-Voltaire FR Yes fully Toccaceli Silvia
Apartment in the centre of St Genis Pouilly Apartment 2 1290 EUR 06/07/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully Bihi-Zenou Dan & Tina
House for rent House 3 2000 EUR 01/11/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes partly Di Girolamo Alessandro
Room Room 1 400 EUR 30/08/2020 Saint Genis Pouilly FR Yes fully ERBILICI Hakan
Apartment Apartment 2 1600 EUR 23/09/2020 St-Jean De Gonville FR Yes fully Laplace michel