Welcome to the website of CERN’s Security Service


CERN’s Security Service provides and maintains the infrastructure and services needed to ensure the security of all persons entering the CERN site, as well as that of their property and the property of the Organization.


Activities of the Security Service:

The Security Service has four main areas of activity:


Comprising three members of the personnel, the security management team analyses security incidents, assists other services (video monitoring, booking of parking spaces, support for the Protocol Office and Relations with the Host States Service, etc.) and supervises contractors’ personnel responsible for security. It is also responsible for suggesting improvements to the security system and operational relations with the Swiss and French police forces.


CERN has several sites, which need to be secure and which have many entrances that must be monitored. In accordance with Operational Circular No. 2, access control measures are in place for pedestrians and vehicles, including those with two wheels, to ensure that only authorised persons gain access to the sites.


The Registration Service and the Visits Service issue all CERN access cards, register all vehicles authorised to enter the site and carry out biometric registration. They also register contractors’ personnel.


The Locks and Keys Service is responsible for the administrative and technical management of keys and cylinders and for ensuring compliance with locking schemes and the related procedures.