SMB-SE Site Engineering


  • The SMB-SE Group is responsible to provide, to maintain in working conditions including their eventual operation and to renovate the civil engineering structures and infrastructures and the technical services for the tertiary and industrial part of the organization.
  • The above mentioned responsibilities include all phases from feasibility study, preliminary design to construction management and hand-over of complete structures and infrastructures.



SMB-SE Site Engineering Luigi SCIBILE
  Deputy Group Leader Frederic MAGNIN
SMB-SE-CBS Civil Engineering, Buildings, Sites and Underground Cristiana COLLOCA
SMB-SE-FAS Future Accelerator Studies John OSBORNE
SMB-SE-HE HVAC and Electricity Christophe MARTEL
SMB-SE-MP Machine Projects Luz Anastasia LOPEZ-HERNANDEZ
SMB-SE-TOD Technical Office and Patrimony Data Michael POEHLER
SMB-SE-TP Tertiary Projects Frederic MAGNIN
  Group Administrative Officer Isabelle CUSATO