SMB-SSL-SO Stores Operation


CERN Stores offer materials management for standard items (i.e. consistent references with recurrent demands and a long-term interest for the Organization) supported by online catalogues, a dedicated electronic material request flow, strict technical specifications, and a contractual framework for the items handled by the Stores based on the needs of the CERN’s user community.

In addition, CERN Stores also provide a front line service for material demands including non-standard material requests in technical areas such as raw materials. It also provides inventory management expertise to the Organization, as well as order management and warehouse operations. Their ultimate goal is to ensure an optimal order lead time in line with users’ expectations, traceability, and quality insurance for materials received at the Stores, especially providing added value in the quality control of Personal Protective Equipment.

CERN Stores is the sole procurement process for standardized items at CERN.


  Deputy Section Leader Leila AKHOUAY