SCE Weekly Coffee Coordination Communication meeting (SCE C3)

Purpose and scope

The weekly Coffee Coordination and Communication meeting's are short (30 min) meetings with one point on the agenda: Any Other Business (AOB).



The standing meeting takes place every Friday at 8:30, room 54 / 2-035.



Each group has one representative on the meeting, and the DH, or DDH are present. They should provide very short reports prior to the meeting (more information on how to create those reports). Group leaders and Section leaders can all contribute to the report. Contributions can be entered any time during the week. 

Short reports from the Groups are expected to be available on the Thursday prior to the meeting not later than 17:00.

The report only lists operational aspects like incidents, changes, short report on operations for last week and planned events in the week (s) to come. Strategic, personnel, budget, money or other "management issues" are not within the scope of this meeting.

All C3 members are supposed to have read the contributions from the others before the meeting.
The members of SCE can read the reports. This will allow them to understand and follow what is happening in the department on a weekly basis The purpose is not to show how wonderful we are, or to show how hard we have worked last week The purpose is to assure our violins are well tuned, enabling the department to deliver the best possible service quality and reduce the risk of 'false notes'.