SSC Mandate


The Site and Supply Chain Group (SCE-SSC) provides CERN's community with high standard campus experience and optimal supply chain execution by offering the following rationalized, efficient, and transparent services:

  • Campus 
    • Installation: Removals, special car plates, diplomatic privileges
    • Person mobility: Mobility center, shuttles cars, bicycles
    • Housing: CERN's hotel, CERN apartments, foyer Schumann's reservations
    • Catering: Restaurants, cafeterias, vending machines
    • Cleanliness and recovery: Cleaning, waste management, recuperation and sales
  • Logistics
    • Shipping: Goods transport organization
    • Goods and material logistic flow: Goods reception, internal distribution and internal removals
    • Mail distribution: Diplomatic mail, inbound, outbound and intra flows
    • Central storage management
  • Supply Chain
    • Referencing and catalog management
    • Replenishment
    • Warehousing operations: Central stores and raw material workshop





Group leader C├ędric GARINO
Deputy group leader Laetitia LEJEUNE


Section Section leader Deputy section leader
Campus Services (SCE-SSC-CS) Gilles BOLLINGER Gregoire MATHIAS
Logistics (SCE-SSC-LS) Patrick MUFFAT Claudia BRUGGMANN
Supply Chain (SCE-SSC-SC) David CHALLOIN Magdolna PIERRE




Campus Services 


The Campus Services section provides the CERN's community with high standard campus experience by offering rationalized, efficient, and transparent services in the following areas: 

  • Installation: Community assistance in dealing with removals (coming to CERN and leaving CERN) and in obtaining vehicle license plates for the authorized persons. Support and documentation for staff with diplomatic privileges
  • Person mobility: Operating a large range of mobility services on the CERN sites. It includes optimization of the capacity of vehicles in the CERN car pools (short tern and long term rentals), maintaining the contracts with different suppliers of vehicles, resource planning anticipating changing needs, management of the repairs and maintenance of the vehicles, management of CERN bicycles (purchases, rentals and repairs), operating a car sharing system, operating an e-bike & e-scooter sharing system, operating the CERN shuttle services (fixed lines inside and outside CERN, and on demand services for example to transport visitors), coordinating external car & bus rentals, and operating the CERN mobility centre.
  • Housing: Operating hotels on the CERN site (b.38, b.39 % b.41) and CERN apartments and managing of the reservation of Foyer Schuman in Saint-Genis. It includes monitoring of capacity usage and service quality. It is also responsible for planning preventive maintenance to keep the assets in a good state, notable the CERN hotels. 
  • Cleanliness & recovery: Operating cleaning regular and periodical cleaning intervention covering ~ 340 000 M2 floor space, and 22 000M2 of windows in ~600 buildings and halls (including offices, public areas, laboratories, halls, workshops, stores, service areas, controlled areas, etc...), pest controls (ants, rats, mice, foxes...), snow clearance in front of the buildings, cleaning operations requested during technical stops and long shutdowns. It also includes collect and treatment of wastes, recuperation and sales. 
  • Catering: Operating 3 restaurants (R1, R2 in Meyrin and R3 in Prevessin), 8 cafeterias (buildings 6, 13, 30, 40, 54, 774, 864 and 865) and over a hundred vending machines.



The Logistics section provide CERN's community with optimal supply chain execution by offering the following rationalized, efficient and transparent services: 

  • Shipping office managing all external movements of goods, from and to suppliers or research institutes all over the world, including import, export, cross trade, and transit activities. It ensures compliance with export control regulations. It interacts with the competent authorities in Member States, in particular with those in the Host States. it targets the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transport for each shipment. 
  • Advice in the fields of customers, fiscal and export control matters to CERN's Departments, Users' Community, universities, collaborating institutes, numerous suppliers and contractors. It is in charge of the operative contacts with the customs and the export control authorities in the Host States. 
  • Reception of all incoming goods as well as the preparation of departing shipments by implementing labelling and packing according to international regulations
  • Operation of all internal transports of goods from Goods reception/Stores buildings to any location on CERN site and vice versa
  • Operation of internal removals
  • Collection and distribution of internal mail, conditioning and franking of outgoing mail, and the reception and redistribution of incoming mail and small packages. 
  • Management of storage areas for accelerator equipment.


Supply Chain

The Supply Chain section provides CERN's community CERN Stores service which is responsible to provide material supply for referenced items (i.e. references with recurrent demands and a long-term interest for the Organization). It includes: 

  • Referencing of items based on the needs of the CERN Community through a referencing process
  • A centralized front line capturing and processing demands of referenced items via CERN Stores Catalogue. It also covers non-references material requests in technical areas such as raw materials if the process benefits of existing CERN Stores expertise. 
  • Stock management and replenishment via order management using a pre-defined contractual framework following CERN's procurement rules. 
  • Inbound, internal and outbound warehousing operations (reception, quality control, put-away, inventory, picking preparation).
  • An urgency window treating urgent demands directly in the warehouses. 
  • Reverse logistics. 
  • Cutting services for raw materials (water-jet cutting machine, saws, shears) and cables. 

The ultimate goal is to ensure an optimal lead time in line with internal clients expectations, traceability, and quality insurance for materials received at the Stores. Prior to initiate any purchasing procedure, the end user shall verify whether his/her requirement is covered by CERN stores standard equipment, in which case the purchase shall be handled by the CERN Stores. The purchasing of the said items falls under the responsibility of the Purchasing Service.