The Locks and Keys Service is responsible for the administrative and technical management of keys and cylinders and for ensuring compliance with locking schemes and the related procedures.


Tel: +41 22 767 66 58

Location: 56/R-006

Opening hours: from 07h00 to 18h30 from Monday to Friday


All key requests should be addressed to the requestor's departmental secretariat for approval using this form: 

Key request


Requests for a change of cylinder should be made to the requestor's departmental secretariat using this form: 

Cylinder request


A key is strictly assigned to a person and is the responsibility of the registered user. 

Users may not lend or exchange keys, nor pass them directly to their successors, but must receive or return them personally to the Locks and Key Service. 

In the event that key(s) are lost or stolen, duplicates can be made only when the loss or theft has been declared and the user's departmental secretariat has submitted a new key request. 

Declaration of loss and theft