Mail Service


We are responsible for the collection and distribution of internal mail, handling of inbound and outbound mail. The mail is distributed and collected once per day pending on the round, around 500k envelopes are collected and distributed internally annually. Around 120k documents are sent via French and Swiss post annually.

It is strictly forbidden to use this service for franking and sending private mail and the reception of private parcels through this service is also not allowed.

Under the strict condition that envelopes are sufficiently franked, we will, as a service to the CERN population, transmit private mail to the relevant post offices in Switzerland and France.



  • Addressage: packing, labelling and shipping CERN related documents in large numbers (posters, catalogues, books, magazines).
  • Express mail: preparing shipments by express mail (documents only). Express carriers are UPS,FEDEX, TNT and Colissimo . For shipments other than documents see Shipping Service
  • Franking (affranchissement in french) CERN official outgoing mail: Postage of official CERN mail through the Swiss and French post (priority and economy mail).
  • Mail office counter, for collection and submitting express mail, and registered mail (courrier recommandé).
  • Maintenance of CERN mailbox data (for instance: to assign mailbox to a new office,see PAD procedure: 'Enregistrement des adresses internes')
  • Maintenance of distributions lists for mass mail: CERN Courier, CHIS Bull...
  • Redirecting mail for people at CERN for a period no longer than one year. Internal addresses only accepted.
  • Supply of internal mail envelopes on request.
  • Daily collection and distribution of internal and external mail covering all CERN sites. Exceptionnally during the 2 summer months of July and August, each round will follow this schedule: 

mail sept-oct


To check in which round your building is, you can go on the GIS portal (and click on "Data", "thematic map", "Service courrier", "tournée")


Opening hours

Monday and Wednesday

  • 13h00 - 14h00
  • 15h30 - 16h30

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • 08h00 -12h00
  • 13h00 - 16h30

You can submit a ticket requesting help or reporting an issue via the Service Portal: