This service enables and supports the correct and appropriate storage of relevant materials at CERN.

We are in charge of :

  • Validating the EDH SIT request according to the available space in our buildings
  • Receiving and properly storing the equipment
  • Registering informatically the materials in our database
  • Preparing the materials for expedition made through EDH SIT

Some of our storage capacities are as follows: 

  • Storage on pallet up to 750 kgs for storage in rack
  • Heavy storage (crane) is possible in some buildings (ex: up to 10T in B.879, up to 30T in B.917)
  • Storage of non-radioactive and radioactive materials
  • Storage for radioactive materials in controlled areas limited stay: in 2 buildings

Only CERN material will be accepted and all lead materials must be packed as per EDMS 1050102 Safety Guideline SG-C-0-0-3


Opening hours

SCE Storage areas: Monday to Friday 07h30-1200

947 storage: Monday to Friday 13h00-16h30


You can submit a ticket request help or reporting an issue via the Service Portal: