The aim of catering management at CERN is to provide, at a reasonable price, a range of options to meet the catering needs of every person entering the CERN site. The term "catering" covers all forms of food and drink in the broadest sense. The overall strategy for catering services is defined by the SCC, which delegates its implementation and monitoring to the CSR (Comité de Surveillance des Restaurants).

CERN has two Restaurants in the Meyrin Site (R1 and R2) and one in the Prevessin site (R3) complemented with a large Cafeteria in B774.

Six human-size cafeterias offering snacks and light meals are scattered across both Meyrin and Prevessin sites with seats and microwaves available. 

The catering offer is complemented by a large offer of self-service vending machines and coffee corners implemented across both Meyrin and Prevessin sites.

Organization of coffee breaks in particular locations, special catering events, and other on-demand services are offered by the Restaurants’ providers.

All 3 restaurants at CERN are equipped with a people counting system, allowing the CERN community to decide when to have their meal in order to avoid rush hours. This system is processing data anonymously, in compliance with CERN's data privacy OC11: see Privacy Notice.